Activities, capital and investments


The main field of activity for the company is the sale of hotel and additional services in 10 own hotels with total number of beds 2200, the management of the resort's territory, infrastructure facilities, commercial outlets and beaches in the St. St. Constantine and Helena Resort. The resort is located 10 km to the north of the city of Varna on the Varna - Golden Sands Resort Highway. The terrain is situated on a natural terrace above the sea with a height of about 10-15 m with rich natural greenery and a perennial deciduous forest.

The Resort Complex has established long-lasting traditions in the providing of tourist services and creates very good prerequisites for vacation, practicing water sports, the realization of attraction, cultural and other activities. There are 7 warm mineral springs in the Complex which provides an opportunity for the development of balneology throughout the whole year. The coastal line on which the Resort borders firsthand is with an area of about 14 734 sq. m. and an average width of 36 sq. m.

In pursuance of the investment program for 2005, the company has started in the St. St. Constantine and Helena Resort the construction of two modern residential complexes - Harmony and Ecencia, offering specially selected conditions and services with the purpose of improving the comfort and the quality of life. The apartments' owners enjoy the tranquility and coziness of the environment as well as all the facilities of Varna city. Since the end of 2006 a permit for use for the one of the buildings in Harmony Complex was received and the company has started servicing it on the grounds of signed contracts with the apartments' owners.

St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding JSC operates the Balchik Marina by its holding company Marina Balchik Consortium Joint-Stock Company on the grounds of a concession contract, signed in September 2006, with the Municipality of Balchik, which entered into force on December 4, 2006. After its signing the company performed all procedures for the preparation of the certification documentation of the yacht port in Balchik as well as for the acquisition by the Company of a Certificate for the Operation of a Yacht Port.


The capital of St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding JSC is 2 309 561 BGN, apportioned in 2 309 561 nominal shares each with a face value of 1 BGN, which are traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

On October 17th, 2003 the General Meeting of the Shareholders took a decision to increase the capital of the holding by issuing 12 rights per each share. The current amount is reached by registering 2 085 456 new ordinary, freely transferable shares with voting right, with a face value BGN 1 each. The Financial Supervision Commission officially filed them with a Decision, dated March 31st, 2004.

All shares of the company are from a same class, each share has the right to vote in the General Meeting of the Shareholders, a right to receive a dividend and obtain a liquidation portion, according to the face value of the share.

The order for exercising the rights of the shares of St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding JSC is set by the regulations of the Commercial Act and the Public Offering of Securities Act.

All shares of the company are freely transferable without limitations, by observing the regulations of the Bulgarian legislation in force.


St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding JSC has a two-stage management system with the following members:

Supervisory Board

  1. Zlatimir Zhechev - Chairman

  2. Nikolay Bozhidarov Nikolaev - Deputy Chairman

  3. Krassimir Stefanov Botusharov - Member

Management Board

1.Ilko Kolev Zapryanov - Chairman

2.Ivelina Kancheva Shaban - Executive manager

3.Elena Koseva Koseva - Executive manager

The company is represented by the Executive managers Elena Koseva Koseva and Ivelina Kancheva Kancheva-Shaban.


CompanyCapital (BGN'000s)Activity
Azalia I LLC2 050Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA
Astera I LLC3 600Astera Hotel & SPA
Bulgarian Golf Society Single Member LLC5no activity
Tiona Single Member LLC5Tourist Services
Consortium Marina Balchik JSC33Balchik Marina
KARACHI LLC2 924Astor Garden Hotel, AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach
Aqua Medica Ltd.618
Sea Fortress LLC650
Shabla golf - Vaklino JSC /indirectly controlled/4 055