The company is registered on October 10th, 1991 by the Varna Court under a case 7291/1991 with a name of Drouzhba Single Member Joint-Stock Company. It is an assignee of the State Company Drouzhba, recorded in the Varna Court Register under a case 1143/1990.

On January 11th, 1993 Drouzhba Single Member JSC was renamed to Saint Constantine and Helena. The company's name was changed again to St. St. Constantine and Helena Single Member JSC on September 29th, 1994 with a decision of the Varna Court.

On the grounds of a Decision of the National Assembly, dated December 19th, 1995 and the accepted Program of Privatization, part of the company's shares were sold in 1997. The company was no longer Single Member JSC, which consequently affected the name to St. St. Constantine and Helena Joint-Stock Company.

In the beginning of 2003 the Ministry of Economics sold 72 % of its 75 %-share capital in the company on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and St. St. Constantine and Helena JSC passed into a private ownership.

The last change of the company's name was registered by the Varna Court on April, 30th 2004. At present the full name is St. St. Constantine and Helena Holding JSC.