Wellness fund

WELLNESS FUND of St. St. Constantine and Helena Resort

We launched the Wellness Fund with the following purposes:

  • to achieve balance through sport and environmentally friendly life;
  • to achieve relaxation for body and soul;
  • to get individual balance and new energy.

Health will give you harmony!

We launched our Wellness Fund initiative in September 2009 with St. St. Constantine and Helena Cup 2009 Ametuer Doubles Tennis Tournament

The conception

Wellness is a mode of thinking, associated with the personal responsibility of anyone of us to accept the care of health as the most important part of life.

Wellness philosophy covers all the areas of our existence - career, social communication, intellectual development, emotional condition and spirit. It prescribes the best ways to achieve harmony - diets, behavior in the society, career and sport.

Health will give you harmony!

Harmony in nature - this is the resort of "St.St. Constantine and Helena" - a combination of unique asset of sea, park and mineral springs. The centuries old park with deciduous vegetation, in combination with the three kilometers long strip provide the ideal conditions for the rest of the body and spirit. The long and warm summer, the humidity of the air, the iodine vapors and the healing mineral water transform it into first class sea and SPA resort. In "St.St. Constantine and Helena" man becomes friend with nature and reaches balance with energy.

The Wellness Fund will work in the following directions:

  1. Organizing of sport events.
  2. Consultations with experts in different areas, who will answer questions on healthy diets, sport and way of life.